Why work with Native Coders

When you hire Native Coders, you have chosen a supplier that understands your challenges, does its utmost to find the best solution for your company’s needs – and that you can always be proud to work with.
  • We understand and follow the leading software development methods. It ensures a safe and timely delivery..
  • Our developers have a good technical foundation.
  • Kenya is at the forefront when it comes to development using Open Source, such as Python, Go / Golang, Ruby, etc.
  • Kenya is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit and innovation power – not least in IT.
  • English is so-called “lingua franca” in Kenya and, like Swahili, an official working language. The urban part of the population, especially professionals within IT, speaks excellent English. Excellent English is also a requirement for being a developer at Native Coders.
  • The time difference is minimal. Kenya’s time zone is only one hour ahead in the summer and two hours in the winter. 
  • Good conditions for employees. How we operate our business should always be in line with how our customers want to be seen.
  • Our management team in Sweden has decades of experience from IT and Business Consulting. We know how to run IT projects and deliver customer value.
  • Project Management, Delivery Executives, solutions architects and other vital roles for understanding your business are always located in Sweden.

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