What we do

From best practices to next practices. Digitalization creates new opportunities for citizens and society. We use new technology, digitalization, and innovation to support our customers in designing efficient business solutions. But most importantly is people and communication. We want to get to know our customers – understand their needs, challenges and plans for the future.

You can read more about our offering areas below. Our team of female software engineers are based in Nairobi, Kenya. For each project we set up a custom built team with members in both Sweden and Kenya. Roles commonly based in Sweden are e.g. Project Manager, UI/UX Designer and Software and Solution Architect.

Projects are delivered according to agile methodologies and we also follow DevOps principles. Our Cloud Native approach enables, supports, and accelerates your efforts to fully benefit from the cloud via the development of your new applications.

Our working environment is based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and our own developed container environment is using Microk8s (solution includes more products).

Web and application development

  • Frontend, Full Stack development
  • Websites and web design
  • Web applications
  • Javascript (React, NodeJS)
  • Python (Flask, Django)
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

We always work dedicatedly to ensure the usability, further development and manageability of the solutions we deliver. We are used to taking responsibility for the entire project life cycle – from idea, requirements, software design, architecture and usability to development, testing and validation after production start-up.

Development for mobile platforms

  • UI/UX transform design to code
  • Full Stack development
  • Android & iOS
  • React Native (JS)
  • Flutter (Dart)

We put scalability and security first – from innovation and development to management and optimization of your app. We work with both major commitments and prototypes (MTP, MVP, etc.) so that you can easily and quickly test an idea.


Wordpress and other CMS platforms

  • WordPress
  • Profile Manager
  • DIVI
  • Other CMS

We also provide management of CMS systems OnPrem or in the Cloud, for example WordPress. This can include updates of plugins, software, integrations, etc. Through our network, we can also provide copywriting and UX services.

Cloud and containers

  • Any Cloud (Build once, run anywhere even non-cloud)
  • Automation (Terraform, Ansible, Pipelines etc.)
  • Cloud Strategies & Deployment
  • Microservices development and deployment strategies
  • IaaS/IaC (Infrastructure as a Service and Infrastructure as Code)
  • CD/CI (Continuous deployment and integration)
  • Monitoring, debug and tracing

We work with cloud platforms* that are certified and compliant with the most rigorous security and compliance standards. We develop solutions using container platforms.

*Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and GCloud

E-commerce projects

  • Product configurators for example OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.
  • Secure Payment systems
  • E-commerce Management (operational work to increase sales and conversion rate)

We also have experts in our network for business advice related to Amazon e-commerce and Google (search).

Application Management

We also take on Application Management, both for projects we deliver and/or applications already in your portfolio. With a dedicated team for your AM work it is easier to keep up with the rapid technological development in digitalization and application development.

In AM assignments we are not only keeping things as they were – we actively improve the code and thereby the application. We can also migrate data and applications to a cloud solution (cloudify customer).


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