Our services

Our core business is to help companies and organizations develop IT systems, whether new development or application maintenance for a customer’s own systems. We can also work with customization of ready-to-use solutions, primarily within ServiceNow and WordPress.

Our management team in Sweden has extensive experience in project management, ITSM, quality systems, software and enterprise architecture. 

Our coders are in Kenya, but you as a customer can communicate with a Swedish speaking project manager or delivery manager if desired.

Why work with Native Coders

When you hire Native Coders, you have chosen a supplier that understands your challenges, does its utmost to find the best solution for your company’s needs – and that you can always be proud to work with.
  • We understand and follow the leading software development methods. It ensures a safe and timely delivery..
  • Our developers have a good technical foundation and everyone also goes through Native Coders Core (our internal undergraduate program).
  • Kenya is at the forefront when it comes to development using Open Source, such as Python, Go / Golang, Ruby, etc.
  • Kenya is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit and innovation power – not least in IT.
  • English is so-called “lingua franca” in Kenya and, like Swahili, an official working language. The urban part of the population, especially our developers, speaks excellent English.
  • The time difference is minimal. Kenya’s time zone is only one hour ahead in the summer and two hours in the winter. 
  • Kenya is cultural close and we share many basic values. That means a lot.
  • Good conditions for employees. How we operate our business should always be in line with how our customers want to be seen.

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